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The danger of blaming Covid-19 deaths on our genes

A profound and unexpected disparity in Covid-19 death rates has emerged among different countries. In South Korea, Norway and Australia, for example, less than 3% of confirmed cases die, while in Belgium, Italy and the United Kingdom, the case fatality rate is as high as 14%.

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A sight for sore eyes: Madrid reopens its museums

Madrid residents wearing face masks queued two meters apart to be among the first visitors back in the city's famed galleries on Saturday, as the Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen-Bornemisza museums reopened after nearly three months of coronavirus lockdown.

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Kids are born biased but parents can keep it from mutating into racism

As the United States erupts in protests and push back against systemic racism, parents are worried. Parents of black kids navigate far more fundamental worries and much higher stakes, fearing that their children's lives will be taken for jogging, driving, even sleeping in their own homes.

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