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Opinion: The battle to be the president of the swing states of America

Arguments over the Electoral College are as old as the nation itself. The presidential selection process was one of the most difficult issues that confronted the framers. Indeed, the Electoral College has been a frequent subject of debate throughout our nation's history and continues to be as we approach the 2020 presidential election. The representativeness of the institution is at the heart of much of the debate.

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What Amy Coney Barrett could mean for Obamacare

When she was a law professor, Judge Amy Coney Barrett tried to puncture arguments favoring Obamacare. Now senators will probe how Barrett, as a Supreme Court justice, would rule on the decade-old health insurance overhaul.

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Opinion: 'SNL' tells it like it is on Trump

The season kickoff of "Saturday Night Live" has reminded us yet again of why Donald Trump hates the show so much he once called for it to be canceled. In fact, it was "SNL" that underscored two of the most powerful arguments for why it's the Trump presidency -- not the show that satirizes him -- that should be canceled this November.

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The most ridiculous historical arguments denying women the right to vote

Today, women being able to vote is a given. A no-brainer. A natural, non-negotiable insurance of a Constitution designed to provide equality for all people. But before the 19th Amendment was ratified 100 years ago in 1920, ensuring all women the right to vote*, people invented all sorts of reasons why they didn't belong at the polls. (*Assuming you weren't Black or disabled.)

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Appeals court revives Michael Flynn case

A federal appeals court in Washington, DC, agreed to rehear arguments about the judicial branch's ability to question the Justice Department's decision to drop the prosecution of Michael Flynn, keeping the the controversial case against the former national security adviser alive.

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It's time to end zombie arguments against paid sick leave

As the US economy begins to reopen, the top US infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned of the preventable "suffering and death" that could result if done too hastily. Nonetheless, most states that have started opening their economies are doing so despite failing to meet the Trump administration's recommended criteria for safely resuming public activity. So, what are workers to do if they are expected to return to work but they feel sick?

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Takeaways from the Supreme Court arguments over Trump's tax records

The Supreme Court arguments on Tuesday, held over telephone and broadcast live, over subpoenas of President Donald Trump's financial records were indeed historic, leading the justices and lawyers to grapple with nearly 250 years of American history, investigations of presidents and questions about the future of separation of powers.

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Electoral College's glitch can't be easily fixed

The Electoral College continues to be perhaps the most maligned feature in our Constitution. It will be front and center Wednesday when the Supreme Court hears arguments concerning a seemingly small but essential part of the complicated process we use to select the president and vice-president of the United States.

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How to listen to today's Supreme Court arguments

The Supreme Court is continuing to hold oral arguments via teleconference due to the coronavirus pandemic. And in a historic first, it's also allowing oral arguments to be aired live to the public.

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