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Opinion: Why you need to pay attention to the Supreme Court today

Covid-19 vaccine mandates are up for consideration at the US Supreme Court once again, with arguments set for Friday -- but this time with a couple of twists. Two consolidated cases have made their way to the high court for emergency action, meaning the appellants are seeking to influence whether these mandates take effect now, while litigation proceeds, over whether they are legal and constitutional.

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The half-baked arguments against DC statehood

Elliot Williams, CNN legal commentator and baker extraordinaire, argues that if any ingredient in a cake is underrepresented, the whole thing might literally fall apart. With all of Washington, DC, residents lacking representation, what does that mean for American democracy? This video is part of CNN Opinion's "Elliot Williams Kneads to Know" series, where Williams tries to get the internet to pay attention to important issues by discussing them while baking.

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Alex Jones sues House January 6 committee

• Analysis: Smoking gun in Meadows' texts • Trump sues NY attorney general, seeking to stop investigation into his company • Prosecution gives scathing closing argument in Ghislaine Maxwell trial

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Biden must show he can play hardball

One of the arguments Joe Biden made as a presidential candidate was that because of his long history in Washington, DC, he was uniquely positioned to pass legislation and, when necessary, reach across the aisle. Given the partisan nature of politics today, few gave the latter assertion much credence -- but the idea that Biden knew how to work the US Senate well enough to win Democratic support for his proposals seemed plausible.

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Yes, abortion is your business's business

Earlier this month, lawyers from Mississippi informed the justices of the US Supreme Court that, in a society in which women can finally "have it all," we no longer need autonomy over our own bodies. As any non-super-human (or more accurately non-super-wealthy) woman can tell you, that argument has little relevance in this society—but it's the wobbly base of Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, the latest attempt to legalize abortion bans across the United States.

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Supreme Court seems ready to launch a social and political earthquake

Heading into Wednesday's oral argument in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, there was little doubt that the Supreme Court's conservative supermajority would be looking to alter the status quo on abortion. The question going into oral argument was how.

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Prosecutors to deliver final rebuttal in the trial of Arbery's killing

Prosecutors will begin court proceedings Tuesday in the trial over the killing of Ahmaud Arbery with a rebuttal to closing arguments made by the defense, which some legal experts felt were racially insensitive and led to Arbery's mother excusing herself from the courtroom.

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