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Opinion: Why it's impossible for some people to follow Covid-19 guidelines

Over the past few weeks, people across the country have experienced the frustrations of demand for Covid-19 tests far exceeding supply. I can relate. After my son experienced a breakthrough Covid-19 case over the holidays, my wife and I scoured our area for at-home rapid antigen tests and PCR test appointments. Neither was available at local pharmacies. We managed to secure testing appointments at our local YMCA, only to have them canceled due to lack of staffing. We then got in a line at a state-run testing site in a sports arena. Two-and-a-half hours later we had our tests, and three days later my wife and I had our results, which came back negative.

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Some are already caught up in 'booster mania'

For his two-dose Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, Ted Rall crossed state lines back in February and March. Appointments in New York City were impossible to come by, but his friend told him about a federal facility in New Jersey with no residency requirements and so he drove there twice.

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How teens are fueling an anti-aging trend

Before coronavirus shuttered the world, a typical month for Connecticut native Zac Mathias was packed with appointments for microneedling (a collagen-stimulating process that involves repeated pin-pricks all over the face), regular resurfacing hydrafacials, rejuvenating laser treatments and the occasional red-light therapy session.

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Vaccination site sees drop-off in appointments

With vaccine hesitancy still prominent in the US, CNN's Martin Savidge reports on the efforts to battle conspiracy theories and get people vaccinated for Covid-19 in Mississippi.

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Watchdog: Pompeo violated ethics rules by asking staff to do personal tasks

The State Department's independent watchdog found that former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his wife Susan Pompeo violated federal ethics rules by making over 100 personal, non-work related requests to department employees -- from ordering gifts to booking salon appointments and taking care of the family dog.

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Biden's chief foreign policy appointment: his VP

While pundits and analysts have focused on President-elect Joe Biden's personnel choices, one of his most important foreign policy appointments actually occurred months ago when he chose Kamala Harris as his running mate. The vice president-elect, alongside the nominees for secretary of state and other posts, could and should be a top figure in shaping America's standing on the global stage.

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