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Opinion: Why I put my hand up to be part of a vaccine trial

In June 2020, our new Health Department Director, Dr. Debra Bogen, whom I work closely with as the Allegheny County Executive, told me that the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) was going to be conducting multiple Covid-19 vaccine trials. She was applying for inclusion in the study and encouraged me to do the same.

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Analysis: Gavin Newsom thinks his own Covid-19 rules don't apply to him

On Monday, California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that amid rising Covid-19 cases in his state that he would be "pulling the emergency brake" on reopening plans. On that same day, he apologized for, at best, skirting his own rules when it comes to mitigating the spread of the coronavirus.

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Don't expect a coronavirus vaccine before December, experts caution

Pfizer released surprisingly positive data about its experimental coronavirus vaccine this week and may hope to apply for regulatory approval by the end of the month, but it will take several weeks more to get a vaccine through the approval process, experts noted.

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Watch Steph Curry give Bill Gates a job interview

NBA star Steph Curry, who just launched a new interview series, began his conversation with Bill Gates by asking him questions as if he were applying for a position at Microsoft.

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American Express announces first Centurion Lounge reopening date

CNN Underscored reviews financial products such as credit cards and bank accounts based on their overall value. We may receive a commission through The Points Guy affiliate network if you apply and are approved for a card, but our reporting is always independent and objective.

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You don't have a right to kill me

Cigarette smoking has been banned in various states and countless municipalities across the nation for the simple reason that smokers have no right to kill me or my family with their second-hand smoke. The same philosophy must also apply to wearing a mask to protect others from Covid-19: No one has the right to kill anyone else with their "second hand" germs.

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