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The historical pitfall Biden should avoid with the global vaccination push

On Thursday, President Joe Biden announced that the United States will donate 500 million doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine worldwide, dramatically building on a previous commitment to share 80 million vaccines. "This is about our responsibility, our humanitarian obligation, to save as many lives as we can," Biden said. The statement comes on the heels of a concerted vaccination push in the US, and now more than 50% of the US population has already gotten at least one shot.

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Here's what we know about the bipartisan infrastructure deal

A bipartisan group of 10 senators announced Thursday they have reached a deal on a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package, the most significant development yet in negotiations over a key priority of the Biden administration, but it still faces serious obstacles from skeptics in both parties.

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Opinion: The shocking government leak that changed everything in 1971

On Saturday, the US Justice Department announced that it would no longer seize reporters' records as part of leak investigations. The announcement came after President Joe Biden told CNN that the practice was "wrong, it's simply, simply wrong. I will not let that happen." The shift in policy came as a surprise, since such seizures had happened under both Republican and Democratic administrations -- including while Biden was vice president.

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Biden and Johnson to agree to new Atlantic Charter during bilateral meeting 

President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson are expected on Thursday to agree to a new Atlantic Charter modeled on the historic declaration made by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1941 that set out American and British goals for the world after the end of World War II, national security adviser Jake Sullivan announced Wednesday.

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Sweet photo shows father swan caring for young after mother died

Days after Boston officials announced the death of a mother swan on the city's Charles River Esplanade, amateur photographer Matthew Raifman captured a bittersweet photo of the father swan carrying its babies - known as cygnets - on its back. CNN affiliate WHDH has more.

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Texas GOP chair Allen West resigns

Allen West, the chair of the Texas Republican Party, announced his resignation on Friday, with the party saying he will "reflect on a new chapter" in his political career.

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