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The President-elect and his transition team are preparing for an early, all-out push to pass an ambitious new stimulus bill, as well as a flurry of executive actions

President-elect Joe Biden and his transition team are preparing for an early, all-out push to pass an ambitious new stimulus bill, while also drawing up plans for a flurry of executive actions aimed at delivering on campaign promises and undoing the Trump administration's efforts to undermine key government agencies.

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Opinion: The only way Republicans can lead again

President Donald Trump is conducting an all-out assault on our democracy. There is no other way to look at this. The President lost the election and his legal team has failed to produce evidence of voter fraud. So now President Trump is attempting to convince state legislatures to overthrow the results. Voters made their decision, and yet he wants to force a different outcome. His attorney, Rudy Giuliani, is spewing the kinds of conspiracy theories that even conspiracy theorists shy away from. This is dangerous stuff. When some writers, such as Barton Gellman, writing in the Atlantic, predicted this would happen, too many people shrugged off the warning.

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Why are there fears of civil war in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia's prime minister Abiy Ahmed has said that concerns his country will descend into chaos are unfounded, but fears of an all-out civil war continue to grow.

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Opinion: Democrats' all-out battle over who deserves credit for Biden win

You simply don't get 75 plus million votes as a Democrat running for President unless you've put together a broad and ideological diverse coalition. And a broad coalition generally means the various factions of the party have put their differences aside temporarily in the service of the greater good -- defeating the Republicans. The operative word in that sentence is temporarily.

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Latin America reels from pandemic and recession

The impact of Covid-19 in Latin America is igniting protests in several countries, as the economic fall-out from the pandemic aggravates existing social tensions from the streets of Buenos Aires and Panama City to remote parts of Brazil and Bolivia.

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Lawyers mobilize for all-out war over US election

If you're expecting the 2020 election to result in another Bush v. Gore Supreme Court resolution -- or, perhaps, in a nightmare scenario, multiples of that -- well, that certainly could happen after November 3. Nobody wants a repeat of the controversial 2000 Supreme Court decision that ended a re-count of votes cast in Florida, effectively awarding Florida's electoral votes, and the election as a whole, to George W. Bush.

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GOP undeterred by criticism over Biden probes and plans aggressive election-year push

President Donald Trump's loyalists in the administration and on Capitol Hill have opened up an all-out assault against the Obama administration and former Vice President Joe Biden, using committee investigations and declassified documents to try to paint the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee in an unflattering light.

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Congress, rush aid to health care workers

Disgust doesn't come close to describing what I'm feeling about our Congress right now. While the US is shut down, boarded up, and sheltering in place in an all-out effort to defeat the coronavirus and protect our most vulnerable fellow citizens from this gruesome disease, Congress is going about business as usual, just with more hand sanitizer. The $2 trillion "relief" package is just more evidence that Washington, DC, has become the poor man's version of the Capitol in "The Hunger Games."

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