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Huawei says it is in survival mode

Huawei says it is in survival mode as continuous "attacks" from the United States threaten to choke off the Chinese company's access to key technology.

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NYPD officer accused of acting as an illegal agent of the Chinese government

A New York police officer who rose through the ranks of the department is accused of using his position in the department's community affairs unit to give Chinese officials access to NYPD officials and offered insider information about its operations, according to a criminal complaint.

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Personal information of roughly 46,000 veterans exposed in VA hack

The Department of Veterans Affairs said Monday that roughly 46,000 veterans had their personal information, including Social Security numbers, exposed in a data breach in which "unauthorized users" gained access to an online application used for making health care payments.

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Trump-Kim letters provide window into their 'special friendship'

Bob Woodward's new book "Rage" provides a fascinating window into one of the strangest diplomatic relationships of the 21st century between President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Woodward gained access to 25 never-before-seen letters Trump exchanged with Kim, and CNN obtained transcripts of two of the letters.

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Score up to 50% off suitcases during Away's first-ever sale

Away's line of luxe yet accessible carry-ons, luggage and travel accessories has gotten a ton of praise since the company burst onto Instagram in 2015. While the pieces tend to be on the pricey side, fans of the brand say the durability, organization and, yes, minimalist good looks set it apart from the rest.

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Rohingya challenge our ideas about refugees

Ask yourself: how would you survive in your home country if you had no proof of citizenship or even of your existence? How would your children grow up with minimal access to a school or even a hospital? What would you do if one day, after years of discrimination, your home village was attacked by gunmen? Your neighbors killed as their children looked on? Homes burned to the ground? If you're Rohingya, you grab your children, take what possessions you can carry, and you run for your life.

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Dan Scavino to speak at Republican National Convention

Dan Scavino, one of President Donald Trump's longest serving aides and one of the few people with access to his Twitter account, is scheduled to speak at the Republican National Convention this week, a person familiar with the planning told CNN.

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Huawei faces fresh US sanctions

The United States has cut off Huawei's access to vital, advanced computer chips, striking a deadly blow to the Chinese tech champion.

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Zappos' first Annual VIP Sale has some incredible deals

The first Annual Zappos VIP Sale has officially kicked off, and the discounts from this footwear, clothing and accessory e-retailer are seriously good. It's named after the Zappos VIP loyalty program, and while you don't have to be signed up for it to take advantage of the sale, you can get additional bonuses if you are a VIP member.

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Judges cite John Roberts' opinion in reversing block on Arkansas abortion laws

A panel of federal appeals judges used Chief Justice John Roberts' opinion in the Supreme Court's recent decision protecting abortion access to allow several Arkansas abortion restrictions to go back into effect -- a seemingly counterintuitive outcome that advocates on both sides of the abortion issue had predicted.

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