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Angered by Facebook and Twitter, conservatives jump to alternatives

Among tweets containing baseless claims about election results, Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo echoed a rallying cry of many prominent conservative voices in a tweet shortly after Election Day: "I will be leaving [Twitter] soon and going to Parler. Please open an account on @parler right away."

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See Lindsey Graham's message to Trump about election

During an interview on Fox News, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham told President Donald Trump not to concede the presidential election to President-elect Joe Biden. Former Sen. Joe Lieberman reacts.

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US elections have become a drama frustratingly divorced from democracy

Americans' assumptions about elections in the United States do not match the current or historical reality. With few exceptions, American elections have been messy, time-consuming, contested and sometimes violent. The frustrating uncertainty about the 2020 contest between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump is startling only because we do not know our own history, and refuse to recognize the inherited weaknesses in our democratic system which we must, at last, reform.

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Mike Pence's response leaves Cooper incredulous

Vice President Mike Pence defended President Trump amid the impeachment inquiry, saying Trump was concerned about election interference when speaking with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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Trump jabs at Dems during turkey pardon

During the annual White House Thanksgiving turkey pardoning ceremony, President Donald Trump made a few quips about election recounts, House Democrats' subpoena threats, and the 9th Circuit court.

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