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What's behind Roberts' stinging rebuke of Trump

With Thursday's decisions rejecting President Donald Trump's absolutist legal claim that he stands above the law, Chief Justice John Roberts put the finishing touch on a remarkable Supreme Court term defined by his transformation into a powerful voice of judicial independence -- or, at least, unpredictability.

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China needs to be held accountable for Covid-19's destruction

That the Chinese government has significant culpability for the global spread of Covid-19 and needs to be held accountable for its misconduct should not be a partisan issue. We already know that the Associated Press has reported the Chinese government concealed critical facts about the emergence of the virus; that local officials silenced voices of warning; and that as a result, actions of Chinese officials most likely deprived the world early on of critical information about the virus' transmissibility and lethality.

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Ex-prosecutor calls Trump's police reform a 'slap in the face'

President Trump signed an executive order incentivizing police reform after multiple black Americans were recently killed at the hands of police. Former prosecutor and civil rights attorney David Henderson says this executive order lacks accountability.

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Israel has a lot to lose by doing this

I believe in the value of US-Israel strategic cooperation. Not only is this partnership a vital element of our ally Israel's deterrent power -- no less important than its F-15 fighter planes and Merkava tanks -- but it is of great benefit to America, providing an anchor of pro-US stability in one of the world's most turbulent regions

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