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Trump's TikTok ban could make Big Tech even more dominant

On Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pushed back against claims that his company is too dominant by name dropping a list of his competitors. Almost all of the ones he cited were other Big Tech companies whose CEOs were appearing virtually beside him at that very moment in a high-profile antitrust hearing.

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Florida health authorities often fail to do contact tracing

When Shaila Rivera and her new husband returned home from their honeymoon and tested positive for Covid-19, they expected a phone call from their local health authorities in Florida asking for a list of people they'd been near so that contact tracing could begin.

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People close to Biden's VP search say these are the four leading prospects

Joe Biden is entering the final month of his search for a running mate, a decision people close to the process say is now heavily influenced by a national reckoning on racism, as his search committee pores over records and conducts interviews before presenting a list of finalists to the former vice president.

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Analysis: The bankruptcy wave is here

In no particular order and with varying degrees of urgency, here's a list of companies that have just in recent days said they are under extreme stress as a result of the coronavirus shutdowns.

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