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Democrats urge to impose sanctions on Russians meddling in 2020 election

A group of Senate Democrats are pushing Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to sanction Russian officials who are meddling in the 2020 US elections after the intelligence community said that Russia is working to "denigrate" the Democratic nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden.

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What Benjamin Franklin warned us about

A group of husky prisoners from the Philadelphia jail were carrying Benjamin Franklin on a stretcher back to his quarters after attending the last session of the Constitutional Convention in early September of 1787. The grandfather among the founding fathers was afflicted with a serious case of gout, but he had attended every session during that steamy hot summer. A well-dressed Philadelphia matron spied America's elder statesman and asked, "Mr. Franklin, what have you done?" "Given you a republic," Franklin replied, "if you can keep it."

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Ex-police chief: Police should never welcome the help of vigilantes

A bystander video recorded shortly before the fatal shooting of two people in Kenosha, Wisconsin, shows the accused shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse, with an assault-style rifle, milling among a group of other armed civilians claiming to be standing guard against people gathered to protest the police shooting, two days earlier, of Jacob S. Blake.

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Obama counseled 'a small group' of NBA players amid boycotts

Before NBA players decided to resume playing, National Basketball Players Association President Chris Paul reached out to Barack Obama, a person familiar with the call told CNN, and asked the former President if he would offer his counsel to a group of NBA players.

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Opinion: Trumpers, if you saw something, say something

In some ways, Miles Taylor was being supremely disloyal when he announced this week that he was forming a group of current and former Trump officials who will join him in publicly stating that four more years of President Donald Trump would be catastrophic for the country.

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Former campaign aides call for Bloomberg to be pulled from DNC program

A group of former staffers to Michael Bloomberg's presidential campaign are calling on Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez to remove him from the slate of Democratic convention speakers, using an open letter to lambast the former New York mayor's treatment of his campaign staff.

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