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READ: Brief from 106 Republicans supporting Texas lawsuit

More than 100 House Republicans have signed on to an amicus brief backing a lawsuit from Texas to the Supreme Court seeking to overturn the results of the election in the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia.

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Ex-GOP presidential candidate: I didn't leave the party ... the party left me

Former Gov. John Kasich reacts to a controversial bid from Texas and 17 other Republican-led states asking the Supreme Court for an emergency order to invalidate ballots of millions of voters in four battleground states -- Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania -- even though there is no evidence of widespread fraud.

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Trump ally lobbies House GOP to support lawsuit seeking to overturn the election

Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana, a close ally of President Donald Trump, sent an email from a personal email account to every House Republican soliciting signatures for an amicus brief in the longshot Texas lawsuit seeking to invalidate electoral college votes from Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

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George Conway: This is the most insane thing yet

Attorney George Conway reacts to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton seeking to block election results by asking the Supreme Court to take up a lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin arguing that the battleground states exploited the Covid-19 pandemic to justify ignoring federal and state election laws.

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Where Biden got the votes that helped push him over the top

With Wisconsin and Arizona certifying their states' election results on Monday, there can no longer be any disputing that Joe Biden convincingly beat Donald Trump. There are many reasons for Biden's win. Trump's mishandling of the Covid-19 crisis may have pushed some voters away from him. Similarly, his vulgarity and angry rhetoric may have helped Biden pick up support from educated White voters who had previously voted Republican. And Biden may have been a more attractive candidate to White working-class voters than Hillary Clinton was four years ago.

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Trump sees 'writing on the wall,' advisers say

Despite what President Donald Trump is tweeting and saying publicly in the wake of Arizona and Wisconsin certifying President-elect Joe Biden's victory Monday, Trump sees the scoreboard and understands he has no chance of hanging on to the presidency, two White House advisers told CNN.

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