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Beauty behind bars: Why makeup matters for prisoners

Last year was a rough one for Joyce Pequeno, a 28-year-old inmate at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville, Oregon. Social distancing was rare, she said, and prisoners were dying. Her clemency hearing was postponed. Still, most days she dabbed on foundation, swirled eyeshadow across her lids and outlined her eyes with kohl.

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Analysis: This is Biden's cold-eyed judgment of American interests

At the end of the movie "Charlie Wilson's War," the eponymous main character is warned that the "crazies" just rolled into Kandahar -- and that the US would regret deserting Afghanistan after the Soviet withdrawal in 1989. The scene, between Wilson, a hard-drinking Texas congressman played by Tom Hanks, and CIA case officer Gust Avrakotos, is pierced by the noise of a jet landing at Washington's National Airport -- a haunting reference to the hijacked plane attacks on September 11, 2001.

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Here's how this mom explains Texas mask rules to her 5-year-old

Nakeenya Wilson takes a breath and uses the practiced, patient voice of a mom as she talks to her son. She's getting him ready to go to kindergarten in a few days and she's trying to explain what's going on with Texas and masks and schools.

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Opinion: Will Trump CFO join the Accountants' Hall of Fame?

Every so often history brings us a hero accountant. In the 1930s it was Frank Wilson, who helped put away Al Capone and became a main character in Hollywood's The Untouchables. More recently David G. Friehling flipped and proved essential to cracking the Madoff Ponzi scheme. Could it now be Allen Weisselberg's turn?

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'He'll shiv you': Rick Wilson's warning to Biden about McConnell

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) wrote on Facebook that he has been urging his Republican colleagues to "reject" objecting the certification process of the Electoral College and President-elect Joe Biden's victory, adding that talk of objecting the process is a "dangerous ploy." CNN's John Avlon discusses with former Republican strategist Rick Wilson and FixUS Founder Maya MacGuineas.

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