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Opinion: Wildfires will only get worse unless we force businesses to make these changes

Last week, the window in my San Francisco home office, which is normally so bright that the shade is pulled down, was dark all day. The sun never shone over the city, where I am sheltering in place. The air is, and has been, dangerously unhealthy for weeks now. This nightmare has now spread over the entire western coast of the United States.

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Smoke from the US West Coast wildfires has reached Europe

The wildfires devastating California and other parts of the western United States are the worst in 18 years, with vast amounts of thick smoke affecting large areas of the North America and even reaching Northern Europe, scientists said Wednesday.

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4 missing after typhoon batters Japan

South Korea is reeling from more bad weather as Typhoon Haishen moves along the Korean Peninsula after battering southwestern Japan, leaving four people missing.

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Typhoon is forecast to strengthen before making landfall

For the second time in one week, a powerful typhoon is churning in the direction of the Korean Peninsula. Typhoon Maysak (pronounced My-Suk) follows on the heels of Typhoon Bavi, which battered western North Korea last Thursday as a Category 1 equivalent system.

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Record-setting wildfires are burning in 15 Western states

Major wildfires are burning in California and other Western states. More than 20 major fires are burning in the Golden State, fueled by high temperatures. But states from the Northwest into the Rockies are also experiencing devastating wildfires.

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Loudest opponents of women's vote were...women

On a Friday afternoon in April 1909, a group gathered in lower Manhattan to debate women's right to vote (a right extended at that time only to women in select Western states, except for a few others that allowed women to vote in school-related elections).

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