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Analysis: Rep. Scalise thinks he can promote Trump's nonsense while maintaining plausible deniability. He can't

At a rally in Iowa on Saturday night, former President Donald Trump told a laughable series of specific lies about the 2020 election he lost. He said, for example, that the state of Pennsylvania and the cities of Detroit and Philadelphia each recorded more votes cast than they have actual voters, though none of that is even close to true.

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Analysis: Independents have turned on Joe Biden

President Joe Biden won the 2020 election in large part because he was able to win the center. He emerged with a 13-point win with independent voters, a group that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton lost by 4 points in 2016. (House Democratic candidates, for their part, took independents by 9 points in 2020.)

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Analysis: Some good polling news for Trump

Among all-important Iowa voters, former President Donald Trump notched his highest favorability rating ever, according to the latest Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll.

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Biden voter's tip to President: Take a page from Trump playbook

CNN's Jeff Zeleny talks with voters in Michigan as President Biden hopes to regain momentum on his twin economic packages, which remain stalled on Capitol Hill because of sharp divisions within his own party about the size and scope of the plans.

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Opinion: Bill Barr was right about this

In the spring of 2020, when there was still time for President Donald Trump to shift the focus of his re-election campaign, his attorney general, William Barr, reportedly offered the candidate sound (if expletive-laden) advice on the power and predilections of moderate suburban voters.

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Trump attacks Republican governor in front of voters in home state

At a rally in Perry, Georgia, former President Donald Trump suggested that Democrat Stacey Abrams would make a better governor than Republican Gov. Brian Kemp who defeated Abrams in the state's 2018 gubernatorial election and refused to interfere in the 2020 presidential election.

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Opinion: Biden is priming the pump for Trump Part Deux

Let's be clear: For most people Joe Biden was not elected last November to get us out of Afghanistan. His election was not a blank check to oversee a dramatic expansion of the federal government. His victory wasn't even wholly about halting the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, although surely that was top of mind for many voters at the time.

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