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Swiss to vote on tearing up pact with EU

Swiss voters will decide on Sunday whether to tear up a pact with the European Union on the free movement of people, after a referendum campaign that exposed rifts in society over foreigners who make up a quarter of the population.

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Truckers warn of border chaos as Brexit trade talks stall

The truckers and transportation companies that bring food and medicine into Britain say the country is not prepared for the end of free trade with the European Union, which could mean severe disruption to supplies and another blow for the battered UK economy.

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Analysis: Disaster looms for Boris Johnson as fall crises collide

Even by the standards of a world leader navigating a pandemic, Boris Johnson has had a tumultuous 2020. The UK's Prime Minister returns to work on Monday, having spent a week on vacation with his fiancée and baby in Scotland. In that time he'll have had the chance to reflect on his extraordinary year to date, in which he took his country out of the European Union, got divorced, got engaged, got Covid-19 so badly he was taken to intensive care, had a baby and endured months of criticism over his handling of coronavirus.

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Environmentalists should applaud Biden

Joe Biden has a plan for addressing the crisis of climate change. One part of the plan pushes for moving America to carbon-free electricity by 2035. Another part speaks to creating new union jobs in clean energy.

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1,000 square foot mosaic of Ida B. Wells being installed in DC

It's been 100 years since American women were granted the right to vote. To commemorate this milestone, a massive mosaic of suffragist and civil rights leader, Ida B. Wells, is being installed on the floor of Union Station in Washington DC.

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Troops detain Mali President, official says

Troops in Mali have arrested the country's President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita and Prime Minister Boubou Cisse in a suspected coup, according to the chairman of the African Union.

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The choices facing Putin in Belarus are all fraught with risk

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has been an extraordinary outlier in the monumental change that has swept through the former Soviet Union -- for 26 years, he's remained the pre-eminent figure in his impoverished country. Meanwhile, aging central Asian dictators have died or stepped aside, Russian President Vladimir Putin has weathered oligarchs, dissidents and sanctions, and neighboring Ukraine has seen two revolutions and a civil war.

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Postal worker says USPS not providing same service since Trump appointee

American Postal Workers Union Local 89 President Nick Casselli says the USPS is not providing the same level of service since President Donald Trump's appointee Louis DeJoy took charge as postmaster general, raising concerns for mail-in voting during the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

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