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The Trumps are back, playing victims again

He lost the White House (big time), and (on his watch) his party lost the Senate and the House in the midterms. He lost Twitter and Facebook. Revenues are down across his business empire. What's a losing businessman-turned-politician to do?

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Opinion: Get over it, the media isn't going to give Joe Biden a free ride

Over the past few weeks, progressive activists have lit up Twitter over the media's criticism of President Joe Biden. There have even been loud complaints that the White House briefing is no longer consistently covered live by the cable networks, as if the media is somehow trying to silence the President and his spokesperson.

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Ron Klain emerges as a force behind the scenes -- and on Twitter

Unusually visible, involved in practically everything, and free in sharing his opinions on what has become the new administration's must-follow Twitter feed, White House chief of staff Ron Klain has emerged as the building's most central figure aside from the President himself.

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India imposes new rules on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

India issued strict new rules on Thursday for Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms weeks after the country's government attempted to pressure Twitter to take down accounts it deemed incendiary.

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What Trump's Twitter feed did to America

It has only been a month since Trump was booted from Twitter and other social media platforms, but already the nasty slogans have slowed and the vicious attacks have waned.

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Myanmar blocks Twitter and Instagram

Myanmar further expanded its internet crackdown, ordering a block of Twitter and Instagram days after the country's military seized power in a coup.

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Elon Musk tweeted. Dogecoin surged 50%

Cryptocurrency dogecoin has an important fan -- Elon Musk, who has 45 million followers on Twitter and more money than any other person on the planet.

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