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The justices are expected as soon as Monday to begin to act on a mound of lingering issues they have been sitting upon, including abortion and Trump's tax returns

In the aftermath of a divisive election, a riot at the US Capitol and the unprecedented final days of the Trump administration, the Supreme Court kept many controversial issues in a holding pattern of sorts, sticking to Chief Justice John Roberts' objective of keeping his branch of government out of the political spotlight.

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Stakes of Trump tax case couldn't be higher

After years of political wrangling and multi-front litigation, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments Tuesday on the battle over President Donald Trump's tax returns. The stakes are enormous. The court will decide by the end of its current term not only whether Trump's tax returns ever see light of day, but also whether the President stands so far above the law that he cannot meaningfully be held accountable to other branches of government and the American public.

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The Supreme Court didn't need to make this decision

The Supreme Court got it half right, half wrong with its decision, announced Monday, to postpone oral arguments on several pending cases, including the dispute over President Donald Trump's tax returns.

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Trump's taxes spark fiery confrontation

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) grilled Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin over Mnuchin's refusal to release President Donald Trump's tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee. CNN's Brooke Baldwin explains.

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