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Opinion: Are you ready for Trump's Gettysburg Address?

After President Donald Trump said Monday that he would likely either accept the Republican nomination at the White House or at Gettysburg, CNN Opinion asked four prominent Civil War historians to share their thoughts. The views expressed here are theirs. Read more opinion on CNN.

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If you're a blue-collar worker, Trump isn't your friend

It has long been confounding that President Donald Trump's strongest supporters are Whites with only a high school education. This is bewildering because the Trump administration has repeatedly and systematically hurt America's blue-collar workers and favored corporations over them.

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Postal worker says USPS not providing same service since Trump appointee

American Postal Workers Union Local 89 President Nick Casselli says the USPS is not providing the same level of service since President Donald Trump's appointee Louis DeJoy took charge as postmaster general, raising concerns for mail-in voting during the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

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Analysis: Trump, TikTok and a dangerous precedent for democracy

President Donald Trump's ongoing battle with TikTok is becoming one of the most curious chapters in America's emerging cold war with China. Earlier this week, Trump issued an executive order which gave the Chinese social media giant until the middle of September to find an American buyer or be banned in the country. He also issued a similar executive order for the Chinese messaging service WeChat.

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'Stunning': Dr. Gupta reacts to video at Trump's club

A crowd of people at President Trump's country club in Bedminster, New Jersey, gathered to hear his speech. Many people in the audience were not wearing masks despite masks being required in the state of New Jersey.

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Democrats call on watchdog to investigate USPS changes

The head of the United States Postal Service promised that election mail will not be slowed down, despite President Donald Trump's repeated claims against mail-in voting. CNN's Jessica Dean reports Democrats are demanding an investigation into the postal service given Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's ties to the President.

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