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New excerpts detail responses from the top US military officer and others in the final days of the Trump administration

The top US military officer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley, was so shaken that then-President Donald Trump and his allies might attempt a coup or take other dangerous or illegal measures after the November election that Milley and other top officials informally planned for different ways to stop Trump, according to excerpts of an upcoming book obtained by CNN.

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NYT: Trump aides drafted proclamation on Insurrection Act amid Floyd protests

White House aides prepared a draft proclamation last June to invoke the Insurrection Act as then-President Donald Trump debated deploying active-duty US soldiers in response to protests after the death of George Floyd, The New York Times reported Friday, citing two senior Trump administration officials.

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Kim Jong Un has a message for the US

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says he is prepared for dialogue or confrontation with the US. CNN's Brian Todd examines how President Joe Biden could handle diplomacy with the regime after the Trump administration's outwardly friendly relationship.

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Opinion: Trump deserves credit for policies Biden is adopting on foreign policy

President Joe Biden repeated "America is back" during his G7 trip, yet in many aspects, his foreign policies -- at least on paper -- follow those of the Trump administration. The question is whether Biden backs up his rhetoric with strong, concrete actions on everything from Russia and Ukraine to NATO and China.

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READ: Supreme Court ruling on Affordable Care Act

The Supreme Court dismissed a challenge to the Affordable Care Act on Thursday in a decision that will leave the law intact and save health care for millions of Americans. The justices turned away a challenge from Republican-led states and the former Trump administration, which urged the justices to block the entire law.

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'Fishing expedition': CNN's Honig slams Trump's DOJ

CNN's Elie Honig reacts to reports that Trump administration DOJ prosecutors subpoenaed Apple for data from the accounts of House Intelligence Committee Democrats as part of a leak investigation.

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Swalwell says Trump 'weaponized' DOJ against enemies

California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, whose data was seized by the Trump administration as part of a leak probe, on Friday said former President Donald Trump "weaponized" the Justice Department to dig into the private communications of his political opponents.

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Trump Justice Department subpoenaed Apple for data from House Intelligence Committee Democrats, sources say

Prosecutors in the Trump administration Justice Department subpoenaed Apple for data from the accounts of House Intelligence Committee Democrats -- including Chairman Adam Schiff -- along with their staff and family members as part of a leak investigation, an Intelligence Committee official and a source familiar with the matter confirmed to CNN.

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Schiff reacts to DOJ subpoena: Shocked ... but not surprised

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) reacts to reports that prosecutors in the Trump administration Justice Department subpoenaed Apple for data from the accounts of House Intelligence Committee Democrats, including Schiff himself, according to the New York Times.

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Stelter explains impact of DOJ gag order on CNN

CNN's Brian Stelter says the news that the Trump administration put CNN and other news organizations under a gag order in a fight over acquiring reporter's emails is a stunning revelation that is embarrassing for the government.

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NASA's new chief on SpaceX's Mars rocket, UFOs and going back to the moon

Former Florida Senator and veteran of spaceflight, Bill Nelson, has taken the helm at NASA. The space agency has the ball rolling on plans to return humans to the moon for the first time in a half century (including the first woman and the first person of color), private companies like SpaceX are working more actively than ever on otherworldly rocket technologies, and there's the typical smattering of evergreen space controversies. Are UFOs evidence of alien life? Will NASA's massive Space Launch System rocket ever fly? Can NASA really get people back to the moon in 2024, as the Trump administration had promised? And how much will this moon program cost taxpayers, anyway?

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