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Opinion: Trump's budget will wreak havoc on the American economy

Earlier this month, President Donald Trump released his 2021 budget proposal. It is likely going nowhere in Congress, since Democrats control the House of Representatives. But for the economy's sake, we should be glad that the president's budget has no shot at passage. It is full of outdated ideas that would instantly weaken the economy and undermine our ability to grow and prosper over time. If enacted, it would be an economic calamity.

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Democrats, think twice before you bet on a billionaire of your own

Some Democrats believe former New York City Mayor and billionaire Mike Bloomberg is the party's moderate savior: a New York businessman well-positioned to take on and defeat Trump, also a former New York businessman -- and a dangerous and unchecked would-be dictator sitting in the White House. However, Democrats are mistaken if they believe the best way to stand up to Trump -- an oligarch who now effectively owns the GOP -- is a matchup with another billionaire able to drown out his opponents through ad spending. The concept of a Bloomberg candidacy provides the best evidence of the damaging influence of money in politics, and the need for America to publicly fund its elections.

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Trump adviser Stone arrives at court as Washington braces for sentence

President Donald Trump's long-time adviser Roger Stone on Thursday arrived at the federal courthouse where he is set to be sentenced after being convicted on charges including lying to a congressional panel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election, a case that has roiled the Justice Department and drawn Trump's ire.

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Judges postpone meeting to discuss Trump/Barr concerns

A group of federal judges hastily postponed an emergency meeting that was scheduled to take place Wednesday to discuss concerns about President Donald Trump and the Justice Department's intervention in politically charged cases.

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