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Watch TikTok's top videos of 2021

TikTok released its top trends list of 2021, and it's full of drones, bones, and joyful tones. These are the most popular TikToks in the US this year.

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How to avoid the world's second biggest economy in your portfolio

The Chinese economy presents some unique challenges for investors. On one hand, China is home to several of the most dynamic and rapidly growing companies on the planet, such as electric car makers Xpeng and Nio as well as privately held TikTok owner ByteDance.

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Social media execs get grilled

Senators grilled executives from Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube on Tuesday about how their platforms impact young users. Asked how their platforms affect the mental health of teens and even promote eating disorders, the representatives all said they don't allow such content and instead point users to expert information.

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Opinion: Why Americans are so obsessed with 'Squid Game'

My first introduction to "Squid Game" -- the fictional Korean drama that is now No.1 on Netflix worldwide -- was through a brief clip on TikTok. The game "Red Light, Green Light" was being played, and I watched as one player was shot dead for moving after a "red light" was announced. The other players in the room then began to scream and run -- only to be slaughtered in a frenzy of bullets.

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