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WaPo: This is what Trump's PAC is spending its money on

Former President Donald Trump's political action committee has raised $75 million in donations so far this year, but despite Trump's continued support of the sham Arizona election fraud audit, none of the PAC's money has been used to fund the audit.

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Opinion: This is the beginning of the end for Big Oil

After a pandemic and a price war sent petroleum prices tumbling in 2020, they are again on the rise. A new oil price super cycle -- an extended period during which prices exceed their long-term trend -- seems to be in the making.

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Opinion: This is very bad news for Trump

For months -- years, even -- legal observers have been waiting for the Manhattan District Attorney's Office to conclude its investigation of Donald J. Trump and his family business with the filing of criminal charges. Finally, the wait is over. But, in part because the indictment does not charge the former President as an individual and partly because many segments of the investigation apparently continue, these charges may raise as many questions as they answer.

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