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8 myths about the Covid-19 vaccine -- Dr. Wen explains

The United States crossed the terrible milestone of 400,000 deaths from coronavirus early last week, and there are currently over 2.1 million reported deaths worldwide, Johns Hopkins University data shows.

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Opinion: Could Trump derail his impeachment trial?

Once again, Donald Trump has thrown the legal and political system into uncharted waters. This time, the novel question is this: Can the US Senate try and convict a former president? While there is some disagreement among legal scholars, the answer must be yes, both as a matter of law and common sense.

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Opinion: How we can keep health care workers safe

During the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been well-intentioned calls to honor our health care workers. But to truly honor them, we need to keep them safe. Keeping health workers safe is not just a moral imperative -- it is a practical one as well. Our lives depend on it.

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Texas Trump voters want Biden to be less divisive

Donald Trump got over 96% of the vote in Roberts County, Texas, during the 2020 presidential election. CNN's Gary Tuchman spoke with some of the residents there to find out what they want to see from President Joe Biden.

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How to buy bitcoin without all the risk of buying bitcoin

Bitcoin is up more than 260% over the past 12 months -- a stellar ride -- yet owning the asset is fraught with risks including wild swings in cryptocurrency prices. But there are several ways for investors to get a piece of the bitcoin boom without investing directly in bitcoin.

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Rural clinics take on tough task of distributing vaccine

Go There heads to rural Montana and Texas, where small clinics overwhelmed by the pandemic prepare to face another challenge: receiving and distributing vaccines. For hard-to-access clinics, the virus has brought on unique challenges -- from health care workers being forced to drive long distances to administer them, to a severe impact in distribution capabilities if there is even one positive Covid-19 test amongst medical staff.

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Opinion: For investors, there's plenty to be optimistic about in the year ahead

As more Covid-19 vaccines are becoming readily available, 2021 offers renewed optimism that we may expect a rebound of the economy -- and of life in general. The rapid development and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines has been nothing short of extraordinary and should allow daily life and the global economy to move from hurting to healing in the year ahead.

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States complain that demand for the Covid-19 vaccine is outpacing supply

Data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows there's still a gap in the number of Covid-19 vaccines that have been distributed to states and the number of shots that have gone into arms, but as states' vaccine campaigns have picked up the pace, states complain the federal government is not sending vaccines fast enough.

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Trump's impeachment trial looms as Congress prepares for Biden administration

There are just days to go until President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in, Donald Trump is no longer President and Democrats take control of the US Senate, but rank-and-file members on Capitol Hill are still waiting for signals from leadership about what the first month of Biden's presidency will look like.

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