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Super Bowl LIV viewership up

Super Bowl LIV averaged 102 million viewers across several channels and streaming outlets, according to Fox.

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Opinion: Get yours now, Super Bowl winners

As the final seconds of Super Bowl LIV ticked away, and the multi-billionaires who inherited (cough) own the Kansas City Chiefs streamed from their luxury boxes and onto the field at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium, one thought -- directed toward the players -- entered my head.

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Avlon: This is another time Trump is setting a bad example

CNN's John Avlon points out why President Donald Trump's tweet congratulating the wrong state on the Super Bowl LIV win is funny, but troubling, saying "you would expect the president to know" that Kansas City is in Missouri.

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Super women ready to grab Super Bowl spotlight

With two female team owners, two global pop stars headlining the halftime show and a trailblazing coach Super Bowl LIV might well be remembered for the super women who will usher the National Football League into a new era.

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