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Corporate America's earnings recession is over

The vast majority of companies in the S&P 500 have reported results from the last three months of 2020, and Wall Street is calling it: The earnings recession has come to an end.

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Wall Street's new bogeyman: the bond market

Covid-19 no longer seems to be the biggest concern on Wall Street as more people are getting vaccinated. Now, the focus is squarely on the bond market and inflation.

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Stocks are falling. But it's not all bad news

A burst of anxiety is ricocheting across financial markets as Wall Street sets expectations for the next phase of the pandemic, which could take hold this spring and summer as vaccinations rise and coronavirus cases fall.

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Rapper's arrest sparks protests in Catalonia

Protesters took to the streets in Barcelona and Girona, in Spain's northeastern Catalonia region, on Tuesday night following the dramatic arrest of rapper Pablo Hasel earlier in the day.

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Analysis: Norway, the UK and Canada are not climate champions. They are climate hypocrites

In Oslo, the street lamps are powered by renewables. To conserve energy, the smart lights dim when nobody is around. The Norwegian capital, like the rest of the country, is proud of its exceptional green credentials. Its public transportation system too is powered entirely by renewable energy. Two thirds of new cars sold in the city are electric. There's even a highway for bees.

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