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Man pushes woman into path of oncoming train

A man who pushed a woman in front of an approaching train at a Brussels metro station has been detained on suspicion of attempted manslaughter, according to prosecutors.

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How astronauts celebrate Christmas in space

Just in time for Christmas, a SpaceX cargo vehicle arrived at the International Space Station Wednesday morning bearing holiday treats and science experiments.

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Bill Gates won't join the space race. He wants to eradicate malaria and tuberculosis instead

Some of the world's richest men are squaring off in what's become a rivalry for the ages -- the space race. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, the two richest men on the planet and the CEOs of SpaceX and Blue Origin, respectively, have grand designs on the cosmos. They predict a universe where the internet is accessible from anywhere, humans are an interplanetary species, and rotating space stations host permanent residents.

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'Bizarre': Fareed Zakaria responds to Elon Musk's interview

Fareed Zakaria discusses Elon Musk's recent comments about Biden's spending plan during a Wall Street Journal interview. The bill includes up to a $12,500 tax credit for electric vehicles and subsidies for electric vehicle charging stations.

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