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What working-class Americans want

Forty years ago, I worked on an assembly line and as a gas station attendant. Those minimum wage jobs helped put me through college and law school. Throw in government grants, scholarships, low interest loans and hard work, and a kid from an ordinary background was launched on a path to economic prosperity. I'm a good example of the upward mobility that has always been a critical feature of American capitalism. In hindsight, I can see that being born a white male also helped me.

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A 'second wave' of mental health devastation due to Covid-19 is imminent, experts say

While the world struggles to manage the initial waves of death and disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, there is mounting evidence accumulating that "a second wave" linked to rising rates of mental health and substance use disorders could be building, according to an article published Monday in the medical journal JAMA.

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Sean Penn and José Andrés: Trump has a duty

For more than seven months we've been fighting an invisible enemy on American soil. Every day, American citizens are suffering from the devastation of Covid-19. It has been a vicious and indiscriminate force ravaging communities, claiming more than 210,000 American lives and shattering the economy.

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LAPD officer injured after shooting

A suspect is in custody after an officer was injured at the Los Angeles Police Department's Harbor Community Station Saturday night, authorities said.

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Xbox Series X pre-orders begin, and gamers are eager to buy

It's Microsoft's turn to feed the Xbox Series X shopping frenzy, after retailers opened up Sony's PlayStation 5 preorders last week. Demand for the video game systems is off-the-charts, but ordering either console has been a difficult experience for many gamers.

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