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Why we don't know exactly what happened during a near-collision in space

Space traffic experts tracked two pieces of orbital garbage that appeared to be careening toward each other on Thursday night: a defunct Soviet satellite and a discarded Chinese rocket booster. Ultimately, the two objects narrowly missed each other, according to private space-tracking company LeoLabs.

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'Driving While Black' ties mobility restrictions of the past directly to the present

"Driving While Black" has a specific modern meaning. "Driving While Black: Space, Race and Mobility in America" turns out to be an extremely rich and detailed PBS documentary, exploring the long history of restrictions on Black movement, from slavery through the present. As part of that journey, the two-hour film addresses not only modern-day issues of policing but deeper ones about the American Dream denied.

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Why this space age airplane could change flying forever

It looks like a spaceship, runs on fuel that up until a few years ago experts were calling "crazy," and has barely left the drawing board, but in the eyes of one of the world's leading aircraft manufacturers, it's undoubtedly the future.

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Hubble watches as an exploding star fades away

The Hubble Space Telescope has served as a spectacular set of eyes on the universe for more than 30 years, looking into the past and witnessing the life cycle of stars and galaxies.

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Meet the diverse astronauts of SpaceX

CNN's Rachel Crane talks with astronauts Victor Glover and Shannon Walker. They'll be flying on NASA's Crew-1 mission, the next manned flight of SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft.

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Here's how astronauts vote from space

Millions of Americans will vote by mail or in person for the next president of the US. At least one vote will be cast some 200 miles above the Earth.

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Maximize your desk space with these smart organizing products

Creating a functional home workspace is a small project that will yield big rewards. Whether you're setting up a work-from-home space, classroom or studying area, these smart space savers and organizing tips will help you create a desk that works for your needs.

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Lyft sketches a future for city streets with fewer cars

As Lyft's core ridehail business is pummeled by the pandemic, the company has taken a seemingly surprising step, paying urban planners to sketch out how street space can be shifted from cars to buses, bikes and pedestrians.

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Raytheon announces 15,000 job cuts

Aerospace giant Raytheon Technologies will cut 15,000 jobs as a result of the downturn in commercial air travel — more than double the number it had previously forecast.

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Hubble spies stormy weather on Jupiter

Each time the Hubble Space Telescope captures an image of the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter looks a little different. This time, Hubble's weather report has shown new storms and updates on the Great Red Spot and its cousin.

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Refurbished Roombas are up to $400 off for a limited time

Spending more time in the house has unfortunately led to a little more cleaning — after all, we're living in our spaces more than we ever used to. Vacuuming, luckily, is one of the tasks you can outsource to a robot, and while Roombas can run a little pricey, a few refurbished models direct from iRobot are currently on sale for up to $400 off.

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