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Opinion: What Gorsuch's masklessness says about society

On Friday, we witnessed an unusually ugly spectacle at the US Supreme Court. Neil Gorsuch sat on the bench maskless (as he also has on other occasions), while his colleague Sonia Sotomayor -- who as a diabetic is at higher risk of severe disease if she contracts Covid-19 -- participated remotely from her chambers. A Court spokesperson didn't respond to a question from The Washington Post about the incident. But it would make sense for Sotomayor, who usually sits next to Gorsuch and has reportedly expressed concerns about contracting Covid-19, to be uncomfortable that he wasn't wearing a mask. The episode was a shocking display of male entitlement.

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Biden says 'democracy needs champions' as Jan. 6 probe intensifies

President Joe Biden on Thursday took the next step in his plans to promote democracy against rising autocracies when he convened a virtual "Summit for Democracy," which hosted more than 100 participants representing governments, civil society and private-sector leaders.

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Yes, abortion is your business's business

Earlier this month, lawyers from Mississippi informed the justices of the US Supreme Court that, in a society in which women can finally "have it all," we no longer need autonomy over our own bodies. As any non-super-human (or more accurately non-super-wealthy) woman can tell you, that argument has little relevance in this society—but it's the wobbly base of Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, the latest attempt to legalize abortion bans across the United States.

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The surprising common psychological traits between the far left and far right

The psychology of extremism can help explain how our society has turned into a 24/7 culture war. The latest "Reality Check with John Avlon: Extremist Beat" examines the science between what's causing people on the left and right to grow more extreme - with social psychology professor Jonathan Haidt.

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Analysis: The real reason Kevin McCarthy just talked for 8 hours straight

Here's what Kevin McCarthy wants you to think about his 8+ hour floor speech in opposition to President Joe Biden's "Build Back Better" social safety net plan: He believes that the legislation is so harmful to American society that he was compelled to hold the House floor for much of Thursday night and Friday morning in order to express his profound displeasure with Democrats pushing the bill.

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Europe turns the screws on the unvaccinated as Covid cases climb

Europe's leaders are toughening their stances towards unvaccinated people and pursuing measures that increasingly isolate them from the rest of society, as frustration grows over stalling shot rollouts and a wave of Covid-19 infections on the continent.

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Most adults say Facebook is making society worse

Roughly three-quarters of adults believe Facebook is making American society worse, a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS finds, with about half saying they know somebody who was persuaded to believe in a conspiracy theory because of the site's content.

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Opinion: What Josh Hawley gets right -- and so very wrong -- about being a man

American men are struggling. Compared to the past, more young men are skipping college and university, not working and still living at home. Teenage boys and middle-aged men (especially White men) are committing suicide at higher rates. Male mortality rates are rising. And all of this was before the pandemic tossed our society into a chaotic new era that's a long way from settling down.

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