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William Shatner can't escape 'Star Trek,' but his voyage has gone well beyond it

William Shatner chided me when I interviewed him in 1987. The actor wanted to keep the focus on his move into directing, politely objecting when I asked about his relationship with the "Star Trek" faithful after a "Saturday Night Live" skit the year before in which he famously told cast members playing trivia-obsessed fans to "get a life."

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Captain Kirk's karmic mission

On Wednesday, Capt. James Tiberius Kirk is scheduled to head to space for one last time. Of course, that's a bit of poetic license; Kirk is, after all, a fictional character. Instead, William Shatner, who played Kirk starting with the "Star Trek" TV show of the late 1960s, will become the oldest person to leave the confines of Earth and gaze out into what has been called "the final frontier."

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Anderson can't stop laughing at Shatner's plans for space

William Shatner, who is known for playing Captain Kirk on 'Star Trek,' jokes with CNN's Anderson Cooper about his plans for his space flight with Blue Origin. Watch Anderson Cooper Full Circle on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm E.T.

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What?? Captain Kirk thanks 'Star Wars'

William Shatner veered into uncharted space on Saturday when he told fans the "Star Wars" sci-fi franchise deserves credit for the success of "Star Trek."

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