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The 'Great Resignation': Why are people quitting their jobs?

Americans' mass exodus from their place of work, coined as the "Great Resignation," resulted in 4.4 million people quitting their jobs in September. CNN's Vanessa Yurkevich speaks to individuals about what led them to leave.

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Key way to stop another Covid surge

This past summer's Covid-19 surge, which burned through large swaths of the country, peaked in early September after reaching about 160,000 cases per day. The subsequent decline in cases was steep, but after two months, infections in the United States are rising again.

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Opinion: If the labor shortage continues, the US economy won't be able to recover

After enhanced unemployment benefits expired and schools re-opened in person, many expected workers to go back to work and the nation's labor shortage to ease significantly by September. But recent data suggest that, if anything, the shortage is getting more severe. And though the risk of a severe shortage continuing into 2022 is not the most likely scenario, the chances of it are increasing. That means we could see significantly lower economic growth next year.

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France's Macron says Australia PM lied to him on submarine deal

French President Emmanuel Macron said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison lied to him over the cancellation of a submarine building contract in September, and indicated more was needed to be done to rebuild trust between the two allies.

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Texas doctor: I could only hold my patient's hand

I am an Ob-Gyn who has been providing abortions in Texas for eight years. Since September 1, my staff and I have been forced to comply with an extreme abortion ban -- SB 8 -- that has blocked patients from getting an abortion at approximately six weeks of pregnancy, before many patients know they are pregnant.

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Wall Street isn't sweating the mixed jobs report

America added far fewer jobs in September than expected, but investors didn't seem too disappointed: Stocks were flat Friday as Wall Street took solace that the unemployment rate continues to drop after the pandemic-fueled spike last year.

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