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Opinion: This Nobel Prize is a game-changer

On the morning of October 5, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced the 2021 Nobel Prize in physics. Japanese-American meteorologist Syukuro Manabe, German oceanographer and climate modeler Klaus Hasselmann, and Italian physicist Giorgi Parisi joined the pantheon of academic greatness for their collective work on modeling the behavior of complex systems.

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Opinion: RBG was right

In 2013, the Supreme Court struck a devastating blow to voting rights with Shelby County v. Holder. The decision ended key provisions from the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which President Lyndon Johnson and the Democratic Congress pushed to become law after the bloody attacks on civil rights protesters in Selma, Alabama.

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Biden to sign executive order expanding voting access

• Hundreds risked everything in Selma 56 years ago today. This group is trying to identify them • Voting rights groups say GOP-backed bills in Georgia target Black voters • Opinion: Biden's historic victory for America -- no thanks to GOP

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Amend the Constitution to protect voting rights

Last week, John Lewis took his final leave of the US Capitol. He is home, after a long and noble life of service. John deeply believed that the right to vote was "almost sacred." He risked his life in Selma, Alabama, Nashville, Tennessee, and so many other places to protect the right of every American to vote.

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Opinion: This historic bridge should be renamed after John Lewis

There is a bridge in Selma, Alabama, where the 25-year-old John Lewis nearly died during the 1965 "Bloody Sunday" march. This bridge, named after Edmund Pettus -- a Confederate general and leader of the Alabama Ku Klux Klan -- spans the reality of America's racist foundations and the dream of a just country.

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Rep. John Lewis on crossing Edmund Pettus Bridge (2018)

In 1965, Rep. John Lewis led a march in Selma, Alabama for voting rights. He, along with many others, was badly beaten and they would never make it to Montgomery, where the march was supposed to end. Later that month, thousands would join Martin Luther King Jr. to finish what was started.

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Top EU civil servant Selmayr to quit post

The European Commission's top civil servant Martin Selmayr, whose sudden promotion to that post last year angered EU lawmakers and earned a rebuke from the European Ombudsman, will step down next week, a Commission spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

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