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Ex-Trump official says he witnessed Pence praise Olivia Troye

Former senior Trump administration official Miles Taylor tells CNN's Chris Cuomo that he's personally witnessed Vice President Mike Pence praise former homeland security adviser to Pence, Olivia Troye, who slammed President Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic in a new video.

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Opinion: Justice Department probe of John Bolton is payback

The Justice Department's decision to open a criminal investigation into former Trump administration National Security Adviser John Bolton relating to the publication of his book, as reported by the New York Times on Tuesday, is equal parts futile and dangerous.

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Whistleblower alleges high rate medical neglect at ICE facility

A whistleblower who previously worked at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Georgia detailed a high rate of hysterectomies and alleged medical neglect in a complaint filed to the Department of Homeland Security inspector general Monday.

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Judge rules Chad Wolf likely unlawfully serving as homeland security secretary

A Maryland judge on Friday ruled that Chad Wolf is likely unlawfully serving as acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Securityand temporarily barred the Trump administration from enforcing new asylum restrictions on members of two immigration advocacy groups, according to court documents.

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Personal information of roughly 46,000 veterans exposed in VA hack

The Department of Veterans Affairs said Monday that roughly 46,000 veterans had their personal information, including Social Security numbers, exposed in a data breach in which "unauthorized users" gained access to an online application used for making health care payments.

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TikTok and Oracle will become business partners in the US

TikTok and Oracle will become business partners in the US - a deal meant to satisfy the Trump administration's national security concerns, according to a person familiar with the matter. CNN's Selina Wang reports.

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Opinion: Trump took the country for a spin around his bizarre fantasyland

On Thursday afternoon during a news conference, President Donald Trump treated the country to a spin around his fantasyland, where he is a great leader besieged by meanies, and the needless death and suffering due to his failed response to the coronavirus pandemic are not worth acknowledging. Instead, he spoke about Fox News as if it is his security blanket and bashed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for using a teleprompter during his speeches.

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Whistleblower alleges top Trump appointees abused authority by telling officials to alter intelligence to match Trump claims

A whistleblower is alleging that top political appointees in the Department of Homeland Security repeatedly instructed career officials to modify intelligence assessments to ensure they matched up with misleading public comments from President Donald Trump about Antifa and "anarchist" groups, according to documents reviewed by CNN and a source familiar with the situation.

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Trump is parroting Kremlin line on Navalny poisoning

Let's call a lie a lie. It gets tiresome under President Donald Trump as his inaccurate statements pile up, but it's important that Americans are made aware that the President continues to lie about almost everything. Each new falsehood is unsurprising based on his track record with the truth -- but that doesn't make them any less dangerous. They pose risks to our democracy, including the security of our election in November.

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Analyst: Trump knowingly helping Russian attacks against US

CNN national security analyst Samantha Vinograd discusses the threat Russia poses to the US presidential election and says that recent comments by President Trump and Attorney General William Barr are harming democracy.

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