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Legal analyst: Trump organization tax fraud probe 'largely a dud'

CNN's Kara Scannell reports Manhattan prosecutors have informed top Trump Organization executive Matthew Calamari that, for now, they do not intend to charge him with any crimes as part of their wide-ranging investigation into the former president's company. CNN's senior legal analyst Elie Honig says this indicates the tax fraud charge against the organization is likely going nowhere.

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Lawyer for indicted Giuliani associate trolls Trump with video

The lawyer for Lev Parnas, one of Rudy Giuliani's indicted associates, tweeted out a video of Parnas posing with Donald Trump and some of his associates in an apparent attempt to troll the President. CNN's Kara Scannell has the latest.

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Judge: 'Probably wrong' to scold prosecutors

Judge T.S. Ellis admitted he was "probably wrong" for scolding prosecutors during the trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. CNN's Kara Scannell reports.

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