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President-elect Joe Biden to announce Cabinet picks Tuesday

President-elect Joe Biden will announce his first Cabinet picks on Tuesday, two key members of his transition team said on Sunday, forging ahead with plans for his administration as President Donald Trump continues to deny the legitimacy of Biden's win.

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The President is still adhering to the same hands-off approach that led so many voters to reject his leadership on Election Day

Joe Biden has spent these early days as President-elect pleading with Americans to pay attention to the relentless surge of Covid-19 -- with deaths averaging more than 1,000 a day in the past week -- as President Donald Trump continues to ignore the deepening crisis and touts the promises of yet-to-be-approved vaccines as his panacea.

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More Republican lawmakers are saying President-elect Biden should get national intelligence briefings

As President Donald Trump's lawyers cling to their far-fetched schemes to overturn the presidential election, it was increasingly clear Thursday that cracks are forming in Trump's Republican wall of support, as more GOP members stepped forward to say that President-elect Joe Biden should receive national intelligence briefings and others began to acknowledge the long-shot nature of the President's quest.

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Close US allies acknowledge Biden's victory

America's closest allies are calling to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden even as President Donald Trump refuses to concede the presidential election.

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Watch McConnell defend Trump's refusal to concede election

As President Donald Trump continues to refuse to accept his election loss to President-elect Joe Biden, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says Trump is "within his rights to look into allegations of irregularities and weigh his legal options."

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Some House Democrats fall while the party fails to flip some key suburban districts

House Democrats went into election night feeling good about expanding their majority, but haven't had the big night they hoped for so far, with at least two Democrats in seats President Donald Trump won in 2016 losing and several top-targeted Republicans holding onto their seats, according to CNN projections early Wednesday morning.

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Trump and Biden await their fates as their campaigns come to an end

Millions of Americans lined up to add their votes to more than 100 million early ballots Tuesday as President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden awaited their fates after offering sharply divergent visions for the future amid a Covid-19 pandemic that shows no sign of abating.

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