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Joe Rogan apologizes for using racial slurs

• Analysis: Whoopi Goldberg's baffling claim raised tough questions about race and identity • Video: This cake may change your mind on critical race theory

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Harry and Meghan express 'concerns' to Spotify over misinformation

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have expressed their "concerns" to Spotify over Covid-19 misinformation on the platform, joining a growing group of personalities putting pressure on the streaming service amid a dispute about Joe Rogan's controversial podcast.

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Opinion: Is Mark Meadows turning on Trump?

Just when you think you know the depth of former President Donald Trump's recklessness and arrogance, something new comes along to prove you don't. According to The Guardian, former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows reveals in a new book that Trump tested positive for the Covid-19 virus three day before his first debate with then-presidential candidate Joe Biden. The book says another test in that period came back negative.

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Opinion: Rogan's dubious medical advice

At this point in the pandemic, if you're not part of the solution, you might be part of the problem. This week, comedian and podcast host, Joe Rogan missed a huge opportunity to use his prominent platform to promote Covid-19 vaccination to a stubbornly hesitant young demographic. Instead, his musings made him part of the problem.

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Opinion: A Joe Rogan debate between Trump and Biden is just what we need

It was 60 years ago when tens of millions of Americans turned on the television or radio to see Sen. John F. Kennedy face off with Vice President Nixon in the nation's first televised presidential debate. The assessment was that Kennedy won by looking "tan and fit," while Nixon looked "like death warmed over."

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