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Senator doesn't get what a 'finsta' is

Sen. Richard Blumenthal grilled a Facebook executive about "finstas," or fake Instagram accounts. The slang term is primarily used to describe a private Instagram account created by teens to interact with a trusted group of family and/or friends.

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Richard Branson's new $19,000-a-night island escape

It certainly won't come cheap, but Richard Branson's new private-island getaway in the British Virgin Islands -- where you can stay in a luxurious villa staffed by a private chef and resident manager who creates a "hyper-personalized" itinerary for each guest -- is the stuff of daydreams and bucket lists.

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A boyband, Boris and Biden's debut. UNGA gets underway

Popular K-pop boy band BTS opened this week of the United Nations General Assembly where President Joe Biden will make his first appearance as president at the meeting of global leaders. CNN's UN correspondent Richard Roth looks at what's on the agenda.

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Opinion: The words Trump couldn't bring himself to say

On November 7, 1962, Richard Nixon met with reporters to concede that he had lost his bid for governor of California -- and to grumble about the way the press covered his campaign. It was two years since he had lost his race for president against John F. Kennedy, and few thought Nixon would ever run for office again.

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Too many US Muslim children dread 9/11 every year

"Turn Turk Tim and Renounce Thy Faith/In words as well as actions/Is it worse to follow Mahomet than the Devil?" So wrote Benjamin Franklin in "Poor Richard's Almanack" in 1741. Franklin's maxim here, comparing the Prophet Muhammad to Satan, is but one example of early American Islamophobia.

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Headstones in historic Black cemetery were desecrated. The recovery offers 'symbolic justice'

Five years ago, Virginia State Sen. Richard Stuart stumbled upon a two-mile stretch of erosion control filled with gravestones along the riverfront of the property he had just purchased in King George County. Historians revealed that the gravestones once belonging to a historic African American cemetery in 1960 were dug up and dumped along the Potomac River to make way for commercial development.

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