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Opinion: Controversial Obama presidential library is a cause for celebration

On Tuesday, former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama will attend the groundbreaking of the 44th president's center in Chicago. Some of the veterans from his administration will be joining him for a livestream event. "This is not your parents' or your grandparents' presidential library," said Valerie Jarrett, president of the Obama Foundation.

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Analysis: Biden's self-created image of foreign policy savvy has taken a serious blow

Joe Biden's self-created image of foreign policy expertise has taken a serious blow. In a single week, the US military admitted to a disastrous air strike that only killed innocent Afghan civilians and Biden himself made an announcement that caused a serious rupture in relations with America's oldest ally. Though neither was intended, both arose from the President's attempts to put his stamp on the globe.

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Opinion: Why Trump can't resist running in 2024

Sean Spicer says former President Donald Trump will run for president in 2024. Although the former White House press secretary has a well-earned reputation for spreading misleading information, I agree with him on this point. However, I part company with Spicer when he explains why he's certain Trump is "in." He sees evidence in former President's confabs with key advisers. But me? I see it in the merch.

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DeSantis continues to escalate feud with Biden

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) escalated his ongoing feud with President Joe Biden over Covid-19 regulations, taking a stab at the President's memory following Biden's latest comeback.

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Opinion: Biden still hasn't found his footing on these issues

Joe Biden's White House probably thinks it had a perfectly fine Wednesday night after the President's CNN town hall in Cincinnati, Ohio. However, though Biden scored points on a big topic -- the Covid pandemic -- he has yet to find solid footing on the political landmines that await Democrats in the 2022 midterm election, chiefly inflation, the economy, immigration and crime.

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