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Labor shortage working against Biden's economic goals

A labor shortage is one of the persistent headwinds facing President Joe Biden as he builds support for his economic agenda to invest trillions of dollars in new federal spending to move the country from relief to recovery.

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What critics of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan get wrong

tWithin hours of President Joe Biden's announcement that US forces will leave Afghanistan by September 11, 2021, objections and remonstrations appeared across US media. These protests are nearly all disingenuous, false and specious, and meant to utilize fear to continue a tragic and purposeless war.

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Alarm bells ringing in White House over economy

Alarming economic numbers and scenes of long lines at gas pumps in the Southeast are causing new political hurdles for President Joe Biden just as he begins negotiations with Republicans over major new spending proposals.

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Hear Biden's response to Colonial Pipeline attack

President Joe Biden shares how his administration responded to the fallout of a ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline, which supplies much of the eastern United States its gasoline.

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