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Inside Brazil's cult of hydroxychloroquine

The police cavalry horses pranced through red dust towards an open grave nobody expected would be dug for Sgt. Jonas Mendonça. The 58-year-old military policeman was slightly overweight but otherwise healthy, his family says, when he got mild Covid-19 symptoms. Four days later, a fierce fever hit and he was hospitalized.

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JonBenet files to be unsealed

The little beauty queen pranced across the stage and into America's heart 17 years ago. In heavy makeup, almost like a real-life doll, her images captivated the nation with every strut, every twirl, every wave.

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Mayer, Prancercise lady team up

John Mayer trots out Prancercise for his new single. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports the Prancercise lady is back in the saddle.

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