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Opinion: Weaknesses in Russia's military revealed, writes Petraeus

Retired Gen. David Petraeus, who commanded US forces in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, says the Russians are facing a Ukraine military that is exceptionally determined, surprisingly capable and innovative, and one that is fighting on its home territory for its very survival.

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Opinion: Gen. Petraeus calls the Taliban takeover a 'disheartening and sad' endgame

General David Petraeus called the Taliban takeover "hugely disheartening and sad" and said that the stage was set for the chaos now unfolding in Afghanistan by the US peace negotiations with the Taliban by the Trump administration in 2018 that excluded the elected Afghan government. Those talks, combined with the total withdrawal of US troops, fatally undermined both the Afghan government and its military.

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KKR executives pull out of Saudi conference -sources

Joseph Bae, co-president and co-chief operating officer of private equity firm KKR & Co LP, and David Petraeus, chairman of the KKR Global Institute, have withdrawn from the Future Investment Initiative conference to be held in Saudi Arabia next week, two people familiar with the matter said on Monday. The Global Institute is a research organization owned by KKR that supports its investment committees and portfolio companies.

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Petraeus falls off Trump's list for top national security job

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (Reuters) - Retired general and former CIA chief David Petraeus is no longer a candidate to be President Donald Trump's national security adviser, thwarted by differences over who controls staffing decisions within the White House's National Security Council.

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Petraeus urges travel ban be settled quickly

Former CIA director David Petraeus on Wednesday urged that the Trump administration's travel ban be resolved quickly and suggested that it could serve as a propaganda tool for Islamic extremists.

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Snowden: Petraeus exposed more than I did

Former CIA employee Edward Snowden says Gen. David Petraeus, who is under consideration to be secretary of state, disclosed more "highly classified" information than he ever did.

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Petraeus: 'Five years ago, I made a serious mistake'

David Petraeus made a last-ditch effort Sunday to show President-elect Donald Trump that his guilty plea for revealing classified information to his mistress and biographer shouldn't disqualify him from serving as America's top diplomat.

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Petraeus: If picked, he'd report to Trump and his parole officer

If President-elect Donald Trump taps former Gen. David Petraeus to be his secretary of state, Petraeus has three days to notify his parole officer about his new job. He also needs to tell the probation officer before he leaves North Carolina -- and his work travel would have to be approved by his parole officer, too.

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