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If you wear a white coat, stand up for black lives

Last Friday, heath care workers across the country stepped out of hospitals and medical practices to kneel for 8 minutes and 46 seconds in remembrance of George Floyd. In Philadelphia, where I live and practice pediatrics, we kneeled on sidewalks and parking lots and hospital gardens. Those who were quarantined due to Covid-19 kneeled at home. We did this because we are outraged by the repeated, barbaric killings of African Americans at the hands of police. We did this because we are dedicated to prolonging and enriching peoples' lives and cannot tolerate them being stamped out on the pavement. And we did this because racism is bad for our patients' health.

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Zoom's 'overnight success' took 9 years

When you think of a social network, you probably imagine news feeds, birthday reminders and baby photos. But the social network of the moment -- the one that's currently getting more app downloads than either Snapchat or TikTok -- looks a little different: It's a videoconferencing service called Zoom, where many peoples' work and social lives now unfold.

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