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Paris Fashion Week: How to watch the virtual shows

While the novel coronavirus was the talk of the town in Paris during the womenswear shows this time last year, nobody could have predicted that it would continue to define fashion's seasonal calendar twelve months later.

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Iconic moments from Paris Fashion Week history

Star-studded front rows, outlandish set designs and the world's culture capital waiting just beyond the runway -- Paris Fashion Week has always been a theatrical celebration of fashion's very best. The city's reputation for craft and haute couture means that at every show artistry is expected and flamboyance is a custom.

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US reenters Paris Agreement. Now what?

America, welcome back to the frontline of the global fight against climate change. On Friday, President Joe Biden delivered on a key climate campaign pledge by re-joining the Paris Agreement -- the international climate accord agreed in 2015 by world nations to tackle global warming.

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A breakdown of the world's worst Zoom call

Was the Zoom meeting of the century called illegally? Had all participants read and understood the standing orders? And, most importantly, did Jackie Weaver have the authority to kick Handforth Parish Council's chairman out of the discussion?

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Famous French art museum closing for 3 years

The famous Centre Pompidou, a sprawling modernist complex in central Paris that houses one of the world's leading art museums, is set to close from 2023 to 2026 for maintenance work, the French government has announced.

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Biden announces US will rejoin landmark Paris climate accord

Hours after he was sworn in, President Joe Biden announced the US plans to reenter the Paris climate accord, the landmark international agreement signed in 2015 to limit global warming, in a sign of Biden's urgency to address the climate crisis.

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