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Opinion: My brother didn't get Covid-19, but he was a victim of it anyway

As a sibling to someone who overdosed at the start of the Covid-19 crisis, I'm reminded every day that our national conversation ignores the uncounted victims of the pandemic. Victims like my brother, David, who passed away on March 24 in Orange County, California. While his death certificate states "acute polydrug intoxication due to the combined effects of heroin [and other drugs]" as his cause of death, my brother is another tragedy of this moment.

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Opinion: The scary part of the Supreme Court ruling on Pennsylvania's mail-in ballots

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected on a 4-4 vote a Republican ploy to have the Court intervene in a case from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court -- and therefore potentially every election law dispute in the country. But far from a major Democratic win, the decision could spell bad news for the future of voting rights protections. The implications of this decision, with Judge Amy Coney Barrett waiting in the wings to cast the tiebreaking vote in a similar case if -- as expected -- the Senate confirms her nomination to be a justice, are enormous.

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Opinion: Republicans may be losing grip on Arizona

I was raised a Barry Goldwater Republican in the 1960s. When Goldwater ran for president in 1964, however, I was one of only two students to wear his campaign button at Kenilworth Elementary School -- and I was attending the senator's alma mater. Lyndon B. Johnson buttons were seemingly everywhere.

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Opinion: America got cheated

In the pantheon of Greek gods, Dionysus loomed large. He was the god of fertility, the god of wine and, at the springtime festivals held in his name, the deity most closely associated with the birth of theater.

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Opinion: Trump and Giuliani may be useful to Putin, but they're no idiots

President Donald Trump is a consistent creature in a lot of respects, especially when it comes to helping Russia and hurting the US. For years, Trump has engaged in behavior that makes Russian President Vladimir Putin's job of sowing discord, spreading disinformation and undermining our democracy a lot easier -- especially when Trump thinks it might benefit him. Trump has also signaled that he's open to receiving dirt on a political rival from a foreign country. What's more, no other President has a friends-and-family list so littered with people with connections to Russia.

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Opinion: The President just can't quit his dangerous friends

For a guy who brags about having a great memory, President Donald Trump sure has trouble remembering the folks who really like him, which, given his well-documented desire to be loved by supporters, is also quite strange. Almost as strange as QAnon.

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Opinion: 'The West Wing' reunion shows us a world very, very far away

In the latest of what seems like a steady stream of television and film reunions in the time of Covid, the well-preserved cast of the beloved political drama "The West Wing" came together Thursday for a staged reading of one of the show creator Aaron Sorkin's favorite episodes: "Hartsfield's Landing," the 14th episode of the show's third season (of seven, for those who may have watched occasionally but failed to stick it out to the bitter end) which originally aired in 2002.

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Opinion: Trump wasted a big opportunity

After roughly 20 minutes of trying to pin down President Donald Trump on why he models dangerous behavior during a pandemic, NBC's Savannah Guthrie spoke for most Americans in frustration by pointing out he was the President of the United States, not someone's "crazy uncle." But for anyone watching Thursday night, what they got was a full dose of America's crazy uncle.

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Opinion by Fareed Zakaria: A post-pandemic city

One of the most noticeable aspects of Covid-19 is that it has cast a huge shadow on the world's great cities, where many of us live. It has transformed global cities, emptying normally bustling streets and haunting formerly crowded subways. People sheltered in place or scattered to the suburbs. Work shifted to laptops and Zoom, as the energy of cities was replace by an eerie quiet, leading many to ask:

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Opinion: How paranoia in presidential politics went mainstream

The 1950s are often portrayed as a placid decade of peace, prosperity and "Happy Days." You might even think that presidential elections were courtly affairs back then -- very different from the current bitter, anxious contest between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

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Opinion: The alarming question behind Barr's 'unmasking' probe

Attorney General William Barr's personally ordered an investigation into the Obama administration's handling of intelligence reports -- dubbed "OBAMAGATE!" by President Trump -- apparently ended with a whimper Tuesday. US Attorney John Bash concluded that no substantive wrongdoing took place, people familiar with the matter told The Washington Post.

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Opinion: White House's new Covid-19 strategy is madness

As if Donald Trump's irresponsibility was not already a national tragedy, the White House seems now to favor a controversial approach to Covid-19 that threatens to bring nothing less than mass suffering.

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Opinion: NBC is rewarding Trump's debate cowardice

The job of journalists and major media outlets is to tell the truth, hold the powerful to account, and serve the public. NBC News has just disgracefully failed on all three of those objectives.

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