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Opinion: Did Covid turn me into an introvert?

The other day a friend texted me to see if I wanted to join her and two other people for dinner outside at a neighborhood cafe that evening. We were all fully vaccinated and the weather was lovely. Unaccountably, I found myself hesitating. "Let me get back to you in a bit," I texted back. Wait, I thought, putting the phone down. What's wrong with me? Why am I feeling so ambivalent about this?

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NBA MVP ejected as Suns sweep Nuggets

A host of big names from sport took to social media to express their opinions on Nikola Jokic's ejection during the Denver Nuggets' NBA playoff loss on Sunday.

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Opinion: Biden and Harris' perilous journey

"Wailing in fear," the crew of Odysseus' boat row toward two "enormous crags." To starboard was the cave of Scylla, a "terrible, savage, wild" creature with 12 legs, six "long swaying necks, a hideous head on each ... barbed with a triple row of fangs." To port was "awesome Charybdis," a treacherous whirlpool. As the panicked sailors stare at the churning water, six of their number are snatched by the monster and swallowed up.

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Opinion: The US should deal with Assad

The decade-long Syrian civil war has been inestimably difficult for all Syrians. I have had many friends on both sides of the conflict who have died or have been displaced.

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Opinion: The man who resisted Trump is worth listening to

Think about this: The president of the United States demands that you tell the acting attorney general to get rid of a special prosecutor. Not just any special prosecutor, but the one investigating the campaign that got the president elected in the first place. How would you feel?

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Opinion: What Biden needs to prove to G7 and NATO allies

The first American tourists began appearing on the Champs-Elysées in Paris on Wednesday, just as Joe Biden was touching down in Britain for his presidential debut on the world stage. The message that he's brought with him is a single, unified theme -- one he's enunciated at virtually every opportunity since his arrival and that he clearly intends to repeat at the G-7 summit this weekend and that NATO summit that will follow. That message? America's back. And you can count on us.

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Opinion: History shows just how ugly it can get when people don't want you to vote

As a curator of political history at the Smithsonian, I've spent years studying the bad old days of American politics. Leafing through contested election trial transcripts, constable's reports and boxes of fraudulent ballots, I've studied the voter suppression and violence that was once a common feature of our democracy in the 19th century. It always seemed distant to me, with a consoling "it used to be worse" appeal. But recently, this past has been reanimated by new, partisan state laws designed to make it harder to vote.

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America's tax system is rigged to protect the rich and powerful

The US tax system is rigged, and it is breaking the country in more ways than one. Much of the Republican Party lives and breathes to protect the rich and powerful from paying taxes, and Democrats like Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia too often side with them. Meanwhile, public opinion -- strongly supporting higher taxes on wealthy Americans and corporations -- counts for little because the rich have undue influence over the political class.

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Opinion: The shocking government leak that changed everything in 1971

On Saturday, the US Justice Department announced that it would no longer seize reporters' records as part of leak investigations. The announcement came after President Joe Biden told CNN that the practice was "wrong, it's simply, simply wrong. I will not let that happen." The shift in policy came as a surprise, since such seizures had happened under both Republican and Democratic administrations -- including while Biden was vice president.

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Opinion: The Covid-19 Delta variant poses a threat to our return to 'normal'

As variants of Covid-19 have spread in the US, the public health policy and programmatic responses have been largely consistent: vaccinate as soon as possible, mask up and keep social distancing. But as vaccinations have increased, there has been a collective relaxation of the masking and distancing that were previously indispensable public health measures.

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