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Opinion: Biden is right: Caregiving is part of our nation's infrastructure

You've heard these phrases before or may have used them yourself. "My mom is the rock of our family." "I wouldn't be where I am today without my grandmother." "My mom and dad worked two jobs so their kids could go to college." After more than a year spent separated from our families, these thoughts might give you a feeling of warmth or a twinge of longing.

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Opinion: DMX was a Gen X icon who gave Black men like me a stronger voice

The death of hip-hop artist Earl "DMX" Simmons at the age of 50 represents not just an occasion for mourning, but one of celebration and commemoration for the iconic rapper who culled soaring artistry from personal trauma and grief. A Generation X impresario who burst onto the scene during the Clinton administration, DMX offered a bold reinterpretation of conventional depictions of Black culture in postindustrial urban America.

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Opinion: What Joe Manchin gets right

US Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia is in the catbird's seat -- the pivotal politician in a 50-50 Senate. He's the keeper of the keys to President Joe Biden's policy kingdom, whether the President or the progressives pressuring him like it or not.

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Opinion: The pipeline that President Biden needs to stop

By the Mississippi River headwaters -- the mighty river running through the center of our country and powering much of Minnesota -- is a small, clear stream. Its bends hold marshy reeds surrounded by towering pines. It's one of the places where traffic noise is a rarity and the forest looms large. Lately, however, the sounds of heavy equipment and excavators prepping the ground to transport tar sands oil under the riverbed echo through the wetlands. Segments of the Enbridge Line 3 replacement pipeline wait in nearby work yards, ready to redirect the dirtiest fossil fuel more than 300 miles through "The Land of 10,000 Lakes."

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Opinion: Why we shouldn't be so worried about runaway inflation in the US

With the federal government spending trillions to blunt the pandemic's economic damage, and the national debt mounting as a result, Wall Street and Washington are concerned about a 1970s-style surge of unrestrained inflation. What's more, rising gasoline costs, semiconductor chip shortages and the Suez Canal tanker incident have caused both businesses and consumers to worry about rising prices. But is this anxiety justified? Should Americans brace for a 1970s redux?

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Opinion: The danger of a giant Covid belly flop

As more and more vaccinations are administered in the US, the Covid-19 story, which once was nothing more than a tale of enormous tragedy, now has a new plotline: how best to return to normal. A key element of this latter story arc is the poorly understood concept of "herd immunity."

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Opinion: The new lies of the GOP and Tucker Carlson

"Just remember, what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what's happening," President Donald Trump told veterans in 2018, referring to the media's criticisms of his administration. It was one of more than 30,000 documented falsehoods told by the then-President, the biggest being the Big Lie that he won the 2020 election.

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Opinion: Jill Biden is rocking a new look for first ladies

First lady Dr. Jill Biden stepped off a plane last week in a short black leather skirt, black patterned tights (floral fishnets, InStyle called them) and black stiletto booties. Cue the uproar. Some on Twitter deemed her ensemble -- often in quite unkind terms -- more appropriate for a woman half her age and nowhere near her station. Others sprang to her defense, called the look "rockin'" and "classy," and noted the inherent sexism of the criticism.

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Opinion: Bezos is right about raising taxes

Jeff Bezos has garnered headlines again for his comments on Amazon's taxes. This time it comes with a twist. Bezos is not defending Amazon against charges leveled by the likes of Sen. Elizabeth Warren over Amazon's less-than-zero federal taxes in 2018. (In 2019, the company paid slightly more than 1% of its profits in taxes.)

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Opinion: Why Mitch McConnell is warning corporate CEOs

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's recent warning to the corporate CEOs of America that they would face serious consequences for using "economic blackmail" to protest against voter suppression laws is neither a gaffe nor a misstatement. Rather, it reflects the state of a Republican Party that is settling into its post-Donald Trump identity.

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Opinion: Anti-Asian sentiment runs deeper than you think

My 75-year-old Nepali mother, who lives in New York, goes for a walk every morning and every evening. I send her out in disguise: I bought her a blonde wig, and I tell her to wear it under a hat, glasses and mask. "Maybe then, they'll leave her alone," I think. I know it sounds crazy, but it's my survival instinct kicking in.

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Opinion: It's time to face the new reality on mask wearing

Walking around my Brooklyn neighborhood as the country comes out of a long, Covid-depressed winter, I notice nearly everyone engaging in a curious pandemic ritual: as we stroll past brownstones, we all pull our masks up as soon as we see one another coming.

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Opinion: Three vaccines to stop voter suppression

The cancer is spreading. Last month, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed SB 202 into law, a bill that will challenge the ability of many Georgians to vote on utterly baseless grounds. And last week, the North Carolina General Assembly's Redistricting and Elections Committee heard the Tar Heel State version of SB 202.

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