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Opinion: The mystery of Dr. Birx

As the Covid-19 debacle continues to worsen, Dr. Deborah Birx, who entered the scene in March as Corona Task Force Chair Vice President Mike Pence's "right arm," has emerged as a new person to blame.

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Opinion: Axios interview reveals the real outrage of Trump's presidency

President Donald Trump's interview with the Axios reporter Jonathan Swan, published this week, was an abject disaster -- not for Swan, who was admirably dogged and professional, but for the incoherent, appallingly ignorant President of the United States, and for all of us who live in the country he leads.

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Federal judge pens scathing opinion on qualified immunity

A federal judge in Mississippi wrote a scathing opinion Tuesday urging the Supreme Court to revisit qualified immunity, a legal doctrine created nearly 40 years ago that the judge argues is shielding law enforcement and government officials from accountability.

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Opinion: The fascinating mystery of Trump's approach to Putin

President Trump's National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien on Monday invoked Ronald Reagan "looking down on us with a knowing smile" in a Washington Post opinion column under the headline, "President Trump is committed to defending the U.S., and Russia knows it." The President, wrote O'Brien, "has demonstrated to Russia that he means what he says about putting 'America First'."

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Opinion: The news Trump really didn't want to hear

Any way you cut it, the Manhattan district attorney's subpoena to President Donald Trump's financial firm Mazars USA is bad news for Trump. And that's why Trump's lawyers are trying so desperately to get the subpoena thrown out.

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Opinion: How college campuses can reopen safely

US colleges and universities face an existential crisis. Caught in the grip of an immediate cash flow problem, most schools believe they must reopen or face financial ruin from dropping enrollments if classes are taught entirely online in the fall. But reopening risks calamity.

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Opinion: My company banned non-compete agreements. Others should, too

This year has been a wakeup call. With historic numbers of Americans out of work since the pandemic struck the United States and a renewed conversation about systemic racism highlighting structural power imbalances, it's more important than ever that we create a more equitable and fair system for workers. One way to do this: Ban non-compete employment agreements.

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Opinion: The one mistake Biden mustn't make with his veep pick

Joe Biden has promised to announce his choice for vice president in the coming days. While political insiders and members of the media have obsessed over every possible contender, the announcement will likely be forgotten within days as focus will revert to the pandemic and the candidates at the top of the ticket.

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Opinion: What's behind Trump's bizarre suggestion

On the same day that three former US presidents joined in a moving tribute to civil rights hero John Lewis and just after the release of government data showing the worst quarterly plunge in economic activity ever recorded, President Donald Trump tried to seize control of the news agenda with a jaw-dropping suggestion: Consider delaying the November election.

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Opinion: What good is a vaccine if Americans won't roll up their sleeves?

A doctor in Texas once told me that a woman walked into a pediatrician's office in the fall of 2014 and said: "Give my daughter the Ebola vaccine." The biggest Ebola epidemic in history was spreading across West Africa and a man infected with the virus had recently traveled to Dallas.

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Opinion: This is the real key to Biden's VP choice

Joe Biden's top priority in selecting a running mate will be to choose somebody who can help unite and energize the sprawling, restless Democratic coalition and help bring home an electoral victory in November.

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Opinion: I'm ready to call our sister in the movement for justice Madam Vice President Kamala Harris

For those of us dedicated to the fight against systemic injustice and racism, this has been a year of violent collisions between heartbreak and hopefulness -- between exhaustion and existential awakenings. Yes, there is a powerful wind at our backs as we lift up families rendered broken and voiceless, and work to hold the people and systems that inflict immeasurable trauma upon people of color to account.

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