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Opinion: 'She-Ra' is the rarest of television feats

It's been less than a week since I finished the series finale of Dreamworks' "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power" on Netflix -- a brilliant re-imagination of the 1980s cartoon franchise about a magical princess, spun off from "He-Man" -- and I'm still on an emotional high. Hardly ever does a popular television show manage to utterly satisfy its fan base with its finale, but the conclusion of this epic -- and epically queer -- fantasy has left many twirling with happiness.

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'Dead to Me' gets even twistier

A funny thing happened between "Dead to Me's" very good first season and its second: The dark Netflix comedy became an even better, twistier show, with -- in very "Big Little Lies"-like fashion -- a female friendship frequently tested by one impulsive act, and the escalating consequences that flow from it.

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'Becoming' lets Michelle Obama share her quest for balance under the media spotlight

The inherent contradiction in "Becoming," Netflix's documentary about Michelle Obama, is repeatedly articulated by the former First Lady herself: How can someone reclaim a semblance of a normal life when you are one of the world's most recognizable figures? The latest project under the Obamas' Netflix production deal doesn't fully answer that riddle, but it's an interesting contemplation of the question.

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