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Biden demands faster drop in gas prices as oil tumbles

• Russia could lose 30% of its oil output within weeks, IEA warns • Natural gas is expensive, dirty and financing war. Here are 5 ways to use less of it • Covid. War. Inflation. Recession fears. The stock market can't keep up

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Japan's best islands to visit, from Okinawa to cat sanctuary Aoshima

Perhaps surprisingly, fewer than 10% of the 6,852 islands making up the Japanese archipelago are inhabited. But among those 400 or so, travelers are treated to a rich tapestry of natural treasures, deep-seated mysticism, thriving cultural assets and stretches of sprawling urbanity.

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These women are breaking tradition for the survival of the Amazon

Indigenous women in Brazil have traditionally been excluded from taking on leadership roles that were often filled by tribal patriarchs. But those roles shifted in recent years as threats against their land rights and natural resources escalated.

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Sri Lanka shows off giant natural blue sapphire

Sri Lankan authorities on Sunday put on show what they said was the world's largest natural corundum blue sapphire, weighing 310 kilograms (683 pounds), which was found in a gem pit about three months ago.

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Man-made diamonds are the new engagement ring trend

For many couples who recently cemented their commitment to each other with an engagement, the choice of ring featured not natural but man-made gemstones — including the center diamond.

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