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Analysis: Trump's legacy sends Congress into total war

Former President Donald Trump may be gone from the White House but his legacy of catastrophic mistrust is poisoning Washington, dimming hopes of a unified effort to crush the pandemic before mutant viral strains take root.

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Climate change creates mutant fugu, a deadly Japanese delicacy

The road, hemmed in on one side by empty warehouses and the other by a concrete seawall, ends abruptly in a desolate parking lot. Men step out of their cars and into the darkness, then slip behind the sliding doors of a warehouse. Inside, they huddle under floodlights and wait. A clock on the wall ticks to ten past three in the morning.

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Dad holds his son for first time since they were separated months ago

Ever Reyes Mejia held his son for the first time since they were separated months ago, and pressed his forehead against the smiling toddler's face. They stood outside a US Customs and Immigration Center in Michigan, Mejia clutching his son's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack.

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Legal drama and Ninja Turtles to weigh on Viacom profit

(Reuters) - Viacom Inc on Friday said its third-quarter earnings will fall short of Wall Street estimates, citing a weak performance from its latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie and disruption from the ongoing legal battle over control of the entertainment company.

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