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Opinion: Who's afraid of Joe Biden? Not Benjamin Netanyahu

Frustrated by the lecture he'd received on the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict during his first meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 1996, President Bill Clinton exploded to aides afterward -- "Who's the f***ing superpower here?"

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Top Pentagon official tests positive for Covid-19

Retired Army Brig. Gen. Anthony Tata, a top Pentagon official, has tested positive for Covid-19 after meeting with the Lithuanian minister of defense, according to a Pentagon statement.

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Why are there fears of civil war in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia's prime minister Abiy Ahmed has said that concerns his country will descend into chaos are unfounded, but fears of an all-out civil war continue to grow.

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'The Crown' tackles the Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher years

The fourth season of "The Crown" is dominated by two women, and neither is the Queen. The stately Netflix drama rather pivots to the tragic tale of Princess Diana and the ascent of prime minister Margaret Thatcher, operating along those parallel tracks while as usual punctuating the narrative with signature events from British history.

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See the moment a powerful earthquake rocked a city in Turkey

At least four people were killed after a powerful earthquake hit the Aegean Sea off Greece and Turkey, according to Turkey's health minister. The Turkish city of Izmir has been particularly badly hit with reports of at least 20 building destroyed and cars being crushed.

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Opinion: Why LGBTQ families like mine are scared and scrambling

I'll put it bluntly: LGBTQ families are now facing a frightening unknown, and that fear is spurring action. LGTBQ Americans are now scrambling. What started as a whisper on social media threads and email listservs about what we might do if our rights come under siege has quickly escalated into a hot boil with Justice Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation. Lawyers are sharing advice for how same-sex families can ensure legal protections if marriage equality goes away -- secure second parent adoption papers, living wills, healthcare proxies. Couples are rushing out to get married now in the event they cannot in the coming months and years. Equality-minded ministers are offering to officiate.

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