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Legal analyst: Trump organization tax fraud probe 'largely a dud'

CNN's Kara Scannell reports Manhattan prosecutors have informed top Trump Organization executive Matthew Calamari that, for now, they do not intend to charge him with any crimes as part of their wide-ranging investigation into the former president's company. CNN's senior legal analyst Elie Honig says this indicates the tax fraud charge against the organization is likely going nowhere.

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See what Belarus-Poland border looks like after violence erupted

Violence has erupted at the Poland-Belarus border. Migrants threw stones at Polish border guards, who responded with water cannons and tear gas. CNN's Matthew Chance reports from the Belarusian side of the Kuźnica-Bruzgi border crossing.

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CNN to 'Europe's last dictator': Do you want to apologize?

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, often called Europe's last dictator, has refused to apologize for the widespread human rights violations in the country since his disputed re-election last year in an exclusive interview with CNN's Matthew Chance.

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How a Ukranian-led sting operation went wrong

Former high-ranking Ukrainian military intelligence officials described exclusively to CNN how they orchestrated the operation aimed at luring suspected war criminals out of Russia to face prosecution for atrocities committed in eastern Ukraine where separatists backed by Moscow have been fighting for years. CNN's Matthew Chance reports on how the mission was foiled.

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How a deepfake Tom Cruise on TikTok turned into a very real AI company

Earlier this year, videos of Tom Cruise started popping up on TikTok of the actor doing some surprisingly un-Tom-Cruise-like stuff: goofing around in an upscale men's clothing store; showing off a coin trick; growling playfully during a short rendition of Dave Matthews Band's "Crash Into Me."

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US is desperate for 1 million more builders

Matthew Messer hauls solar panels on the roof of a home in Long Island, New York, hoisting them one by one in the 100-degree June heat. Messer is the owner of New York Solar Maintenance, but these days he's working right alongside his lead technician seven days a week as business booms.

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